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Welcome to ShiftOS, potential shifter!

ShiftOS is a game developed by Michael VanOverbeek, a Canadian programmer and system operator. You start out in an experimental operating system called ShiftOS that was force-installed onto your system.

All your data is gone - your programs, documents, music, everything. What do you do? You try to conquer this featureless operating system - upgrade it to give it more software, capabilities, and features, hack other users to steal their wealth and upgrades as well as uncover secrets about the operating system, and gain supreme power among the multi-user domain you are in.

Using our extensible scripting system, with the right upgrades, you can write in-game applications and scripts using either Lua or Python. These scripts can do anything from extending the user interface with new features and abilities to make the desktop environment of your dreams, to making simple applications to make using the operating system easier, or you could even write a piece of malware to screw with your fellow players - backdoors, trojans, ransomware, adware, whatever you want to write.

You can also use our modular skinning system to customize the look and feel of ShiftOS, making it look like anything from Windows 95, to DOS, to Ubuntu, to Zorin OS, to even Windows 10 - and paired with our scripting engine you can even recreate certain features of any operating system - such as Cortana, the world-famous Start Menu, desktop icons, multiple workspaces or whatever you want!

You can then share your scripts on the multi-user domain or the website at http://shiftos.michaeltheshifter.me for everyone to download and use.

We've been in development for almost 3 years, and ShiftOS has been handled by several people spanning three different development teams. If you're a fan of Australian YouTuber Philip Adams (known for channels like AstralPhaser, OSFirstTimer, TerrifiedMum and others) you'll know ShiftOS as he was the one who started it all.

Lastly, ShiftOS is completely free! No multiplayer fees, no paid DLC, nothing like that. It's completely powered by user-created content. We just give you the tools to make it and a compelling story to keep you interested.


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my nama jeff

can't wait for 0.0.8!!!

There's no 0.0.8 but there's 1.0 beta 1 coming soon ;)